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Text & talk to businesses without disclosing

your personal phone number. 

Easy and Free - Anonymized Consumer to Business Text & Talk

Shopping on a website and would like to text or talk with someone but prefer to maintain your privacy and not divulge your phone number or other personal information?


We've got you covered, or rather masked, with our consumer to business anonymous text & talk technology. With Maskontact now you can text and call participating businesses while maintaining complete anonymity and the privacy of your personal phone number.


A few things to know and trust...

What is Maskontact?


Maskontact is a service provided to businesses that gives visitors to their websites the ability to ask questions or otherwise communicate with the business via text message and phone without divulging their phone number or other personal contact information until and unless they're comfortable doing so.

How does Maskontact anonymous text & talk work?


When visiting a participating business website, just click the "Anonymous Text & Talk" button in the lower section of the website. If using desktop or tablet, a Maskontact shortcode and unique text code will appear. If using a mobile device, a “Send Text Message” button will prompt your default text messaging app with a shortcode and unique text code pre-filled.

Simply text the unique text code to the shortcode along with your questions. Maskontact will forward your inquiry to the business using an anonymized phone number in place of your own. You will then receive a text message from the business acknowledging receipt of your anonymous text message. At that point, masked text and voice communication between you and the business - using your anonymized phone number, is enabled.

How do I pause or end my anonymous communication with a business?


You may pause or end communication with a business at any time by simply texting "STOP" to the business number you've been receiving communication from. You will receive confirmation of your request and will no longer receive texts or calls from the business via Maskontact® services although you may resume communication at any time by texting "START" to the business number.

How does Maskontact protect my privacy and the security of my phone number?


Your privacy and security are our top priority. At no point is your phone number or other personally identifiable information disclosed to the business or anyone else by Maskontact. We take all necessary security measures including physical, electronic and procedural measures to help safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. To protect your information once we receive it, it is secured behind communication-management systems designed to keep your information safe and inaccessible to others. For complete details see our Privacy Pledge and Terms of Use.

Do texts and calls using Maskontact cost more than regular texts or calls?


No. There are no charges to consumers from Maskontact to text to our shortcode or to text and call businesses using the service. Depending on your wireless carrier, message and data charges from them may apply. Please consult your wireless carrier for details.

For how long can I text or call the business using Maskontact?


There is no time limit for how long you, as a consumer, can text or call businesses using the Maskontact services.

Have confidence in knowing we've got you covered, or rather Masked.

Your privacy is protected by Maskontact .

Website owners, interested in adding Maskontact?

Schedule a quick web demo and learn more about how you can take your customers' online experience to a whole new level with Maskontact.

*The Maskontact service is owned and operated by LotMonkey, Inc, a leading provider of customer experience focused SaaS products and services to businesses, primarily within the retail automotive and related spaces. Please check out our terms of use and visit for more information.

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